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Our Story

美国华商促进会是由美国的华人企业家、艺术家、侨领和美中机构、科研院校、社团发起成立,以美国商界和华人企业家为基本核心成员,团结世界各地的企业、团体、政府机构、科研院校、金融机构、法务税务和各类社会精英人士而组成的国际性、全球化的多边经贸合作社会组织。 宗旨:促进国际贸易,文化交流与合作,广泛整合国际高端资源,搭建合作互信平台,为加快国际商贸和文化交流与合作贡献力量。

An impressive amount of work goes into making each performance special and unique, which wouldn’t be possible with our talented crew both onstage and offstage.

We’re proud to unite people through their shared love for the arts and entertainment industry. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience a live show unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.  Mark your calendar and take part in the event.

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